We’re a small business, a very small business - just two good friends who share an appreciation of creativity and craftsmanship.
The world runs faster than ever these days - Terra Dea is a small ode to the downtime we try to prioritise. To reconnect with ourselves and the incredible environment that surrounds us. To live a little slower.
We wanted garments that could take us from bed, to yoga, to a coffee by the beach with a loved one - styled back with our favourite vintage jeans or a breezy skirt for the day. Classic, uncomplicated designs that make us look and feel our best - without compromising on comfort or ethics.
At the core of Terra Dea is a strong conscience and respect for the environment and humankind.  We want to honour our beautiful planet by being mindful designers and encouraging our customers to carefully select pieces that will have versatility in their wardrobes.  
 We hope you love Terra Dea as much as we do.
With love, 
Britt & Dom xx