Sustainability is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.
 Here at Terra Dea, we honour our planet by encouraging our customers to be conscious consumers; to know what you are purchasing and the impact this has on the environment. We strongly believe that sustainability does not come at the cost of style or luxury, it is our goal to provide you with luxurious products that not only make you feel amazing, but hold the conscious integrity of the sustainable movement.
 We believe in timeless products and ensuring our customers are carefully selecting items that will remain in their wardrobe for years to come and pieces that they will wear often and with versatility.
 We create limited numbers in our product offering & ensuring we are only making to meet demand, producing less waste and in-turn, less impact on our environment. From start to finish within Terra Dea, the process of our production and entire operation is always carefully considering the environment as a first priority. 
 Each garment is made in small batches from ethically sourced fabrics. Our one of a kind prints are done using a digital printing process which wastes NO WATER and creates no wastage. We ensure that we utilise every piece of fabric for our pieces and create no ‘Dead Stock’.
  Each care label on your Terra Dea garments are custom made using recycled cotton thread. Our sustainable focus is right down to the printing of all of our packaging with 100% recycled materials. 
Looking after our planet is no longer a choice. This is the future of fashion.